Time Perception

Time Perception


The idea of time is an abstract system, which helps us to organise our daily lives. Time Perception represents the different perceptions of time through various organic and inorganic materials.

If we speak about time we talk about an abstract concept. Thereby, time is often described by language as it would be a tangible object. We`re talking about saving time and wasting time. Our perception of time constantly shifts and we all have different experiences of this effect. So I wondered how could we perceive time through an object, to create a tangible experience? Several objects have a different biological half-life. Organic matters like fruits or vegetables rot. Inorganic materials, in contrast, look undecayed from the outside over a longer time, depending on how we treat them.

Comparing those objects reveals a different perception of time in a metaphoric way. It reports us something about the environment of those objects and diverse ageing processes.

Time Perception is a time-based installation displaying different time perceptions.

During the exhibition, the cubes kept on changing. Also, some insects became a part of this installation. They moved the cubes and accelerated the decay of some materials. A little ecosystem arose within this installation.

Through this unplanned development, the project gained further fascination. It became more and more interesting throughout the show, due to the daily continuous changes and solidified the metaphor. The disgust in this glass box made the project for the people thrilling. They felt safe to experience the decay and the hustle and bustle of insects behind the glass case from a distance.

It was very interesting for most viewers, to watch various materials decaying at a glance during the exhibition and also to be able to compare the different states. Normally we know objects mostly only from their actual state without various intermediate steps.


Werkschau, Munich 2015
Credits Ralph Ammer

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