Reflective Thoughts

Reflective Thoughts

Memories are present experiences, always in flux. Through language or any other mode of meaning-making, we are fixing our constructed reality at a specific moment in time. By defining that meaning, all alternative possibilities are excluded.

Reflective Thoughts is a speculative investigation of personal memory. It displays the complex process of recalling memories through visual exploration. Multiple perspectives are investigated with the attempt to reconstruct the context of a childhood memory. Reflective Thoughts plays with the contradiction between digital stored memories and memories represented through an object.



Participants were asked to shape a significant memory. One of these models was the starting point for further explorations. Videos and photos of the digital memory were displayed behind a one-way mirror and opposed to the sculpted memory.


Throughout the project, sculpted research probes were used to explore personal memories and the process of creating abstractions, which requires many decisions. Thereafter these sculptures were 3d scanned and explored in digital environments.

 3D scanned memory sculptures

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