Migration DE

Migration DE

Migration DE is an educational application that uses information layers, an interactive map, and dynamically scaling graphs to paint a picture of a diverse society. Migration is an essential topic for social development and deeply rooted in the German population. Since one-third of the population goes back to it.

About the project
At the centre of the application are migration data from the German statistics office, which users can explore through the map and dynamic scaling graphs. Users make selections on the map or through a search bar to explore female and male migration data and learn about historical information of different countries. Therefore users are empowered to learn something about their heritage and diverse society.

UX challenges

One of the many challenges of this project was to be able to compare substantially different numbers and datasets while achieving a learning effect. I acknowledged that this isn’t easy to fulfil, which is why the dynamic scaling plays a significant role in the application. On top of that, I needed to find a way to connect three different sorts of data to form a continuous narrative.

Through the content hierarchy, I needed to balance quantitative data, geographic information with historical information. For this project, the content required to be as accessible and inclusive as possible, which is why I worked from an application perspective to guarantee an enjoyable experience on the tablet.


Through an HTML prototype, I was able to test different scaling behaviours with the original dataset.

The icons allow a natural selection of the different information layers and are used to distinguish the different types of data.


The application automatically scales the selected charts to include the highest and lowest values. Tapping the tables can be scaled dynamically to a preferred graph. The animations give impressions about the different numbers while allowing detailed analysis of each country. Through the usage of various mediums: maps, charts and text, it is possible to paint a picture of a diverse society. Besides, different sources of information allow the user to objectively learn about migration, understand the bigger picture and learn through a multi-modal approach.


UX design, UI design, concept, icons, animations

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