LEZ - media stations

LEZ - media stations

The Ludwig Erhard Zentrum is a permanent exhibition about Ludwig Erhard and his influence on the economy. An elaborate and unique exhibition presents narrative showcases, large-scale animations on interactive monitor clouds, as well as numerous interactive media stations to link cultural and economic-scientific questions with the person Erhard.

About the project
The exhibition includes a variety of different media stations and interactive showcases. Therefore a seamless, modular user interface is at the heart of those interactive exhibits. Visitors move through the exhibition to examine historical artefacts, narrated showcases and learn about Ludwig Erhard and his influence in today's economy.
Various modes of meaning-making, link the curated information with the political persona Erhard.

Media scheme overview

UX challenges

One of the many challenges of this project was to create a recurring user interface and design language, which is easy to navigate and can tie all the different formats, interactions and information layers together. We acknowledge that the content presents itself through different modes: installations, moving image, sound, 2D images and text. Therefore we needed to find a way to weave these various storytelling media together to form a continuous narrative.

Through the content hierarchy, we also needed to balance curated stories and user interactions with historical information. For this project, the content required to be as accessible as possible, as it is taking place in a permanent public exhibition.


For the different exhibits, we were able to test animations and user interfaces on their actual exhibition setups. Therefore we could run tests on transparent monitors, OLED screens and touch screens.


To put on an exciting exhibition, we used a multi-modal approach. The modular user interface ties the different formats and information together. Therefore we created seven different possible user interfaces, consisting out of recurring elements. Within that framework, visitors are empowered to use the media stations in different ways, from watching video content, to activate interactive showcases, to getting additional information or exploring scans of original documents. That pushes the boundaries of a traditional media usage within a museum and actively engages users to connect with a political figure.


UX design, UI design, concept


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