Air Control

Air Control
‘While fossil fuel based industries enterprise to colonize other planets, the air, this interface between us and the sun, is controlled by a few and continues to be compromised: carbon emissions fill in the air, particul(ar)ate matter(s) floats inside our lungs…’

—Tomás Saraceno, The Aerocene Manifesto


Air Control? is an immersive installation which embraces the movement of the air in an artificial environment and encourages discussions about our relationship with the environment. Inspired by Tomás Saraceno's Aeroscene projects, the installation includes five floating sculptures which give shape to the air and thus gives it a presence and a starting point for conversations.

Their movements, influenced by the artificial wind of the ventilator, create patterns and emphasize the human idea of controlling nature.




The projections of a blizzard represent the unpredictable reaction of the environment when under human set parameters.


Elisa Frenay
Petra Ritzer


RCA meets Aeroscene, at Palais de Tokyo, Paris
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